Upcoming investigation is set for March 21, 2015 at a private Residence. Come back and check out evp's we have from this investigation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help prove or disprove paranormal activity, through technical research and investigating.

About Us

Paranormal Encounters and Research Group (P.E.R.G.) is a team of paranormal investigators located in Salt Lake City, UT. We are a group of people who, through the years has had experiences in the paranormal of our own. Because of this we started doing investigations into the paranormal. We respect our clients and their privacy and we respect their property.

Our Work


Prior to each investigation, we interview the client, and then do research on the location, to see if there is a possible reason that the site itself might have paranormal activity.

During an investigation, we set up IR camera’s and with the use of other equipment such as, EMF Detector, Digital recorders, flashlights and Full spectrum camera’s we attempt to catch activity or try to find a reasonable explanation as to what is going on with in the building. Once this evidence is gathered, we go over the evidence and attempt to find or give an explanation to what was gathered. All Equipment we use does not harm or cause damage in any way to the location we are investigating.

There is no charge for our Services


West Valley, Utah